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Pool & Fitness Center open! See COVID-19 updates below for schedules and details. .


Gymnastics and Tumbling

Private Lessons & Small Group Lessons

Available July and August 2020

These are for Beginner and Intermediate Level Students ages 3-17 accepted.

Advanced Level students (those who already have a back handspring) will have limited time slots available (email for details).

Initial contact to set up all lessons MUST be done via email:

Private Lesson Prices: 

$35 for 30 minute lesson

$60 for 60 minute lesson

Small Group lessons (2-3 students): 

$45 for 30 minutes with 2 students

$55 for 30 minutes with 3 students

$70 for 60 minutes with 2 students

$80 for 60 minutes with 3 students

*60 minute lessons are only available for Gymnastics and Small Group lessons, not for Tumbling Private Lesson.

Please make checks payable to YMCA. Cash will be accepted with exact $ only, we will not have change.
March Tuition credits can not be applied at this time. Those balances will only be available to use once we are fully operational again.

Coaches will wear masks during the entire lesson.

These will be low to no contact lessons. Spotting will be used when necessary for safety.

Coaches will clean and sanitize all surfaces contacted by athletes upon completion of the lesson.

Additional Rules for Private and Small Group Lessons: 

*New Gate Code will be emailed at confirmation of lesson  (old gate codes will no longer work)

*All Adults must wear a mask covering mouth and nose at all times while in the facility. 

*Kids must wear a mask upon entry and exit but NOT during lesson unless parent requests it. 

*Kids will be asked to wash their hands before entering the Gymnastics gym. 

*Please bring a bottled water for you athlete. Fountains will not be available.

*Sanitizer and extra hand washing will be used when changing equipment as some equipment can not be sanitized. 

*Parents may watch from viewing room if they wish (must keep mask on even if they are alone in the room). 

*Payment must be made in advance or at the lesson. We will NOT bill later. 

*Checks  should be made out to YMCA or exact cash if paying at gym. 

*If you need to pay with a card you will need to go next door to the main building of the Y and pay before your lesson begins.