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The YMCA offers a variety of classes to suite everyone’s needs. New classes are constantly in rotation.

Cardio Toning & Core—an innovative workout, consisting of cardio toning and strengthening exercises for your abs, back, buns, thighs, & upper body.

Combo Aerobics—an exercise program for people of all ages. It consists of warm up, low impact aerobics, and muscle toning exercises for the entire body.

Beginner Yoga—a class for all fitness levels. It incorporates standing, seated, and lying poses, (supine and prone) to increase muscle tone, enhance flexibility and provide relaxation. 

Boxing Fitness Class--Craving a fresh routine to burn fat and increase muscle tone?  Looking to improve muscular endurance, core stability, and strength and power? Searching for stress management or stress relief? All the above items will be addressed in each class in addition to improvements in coordination, body awareness, self-esteem, and confidence! 

Chair Aerobics—also known as Chair Aerobics—this program is designed to help participants increase mobility and range of motion through a series of gentle movements and activities. It also helps to keep joints flexible, maintain muscle strength and because it is a cardio class you will build a higher level of endurance.

Body Sculpting—a light aerobic conditioning workout that zones in on specific muscles. This program offers total body toning with the use of light to medium hand weights.

Aerobic Circuit—this class is conducted in the weight circuit room. The term circuit refers to a number of carefully selected exercises arranged sequentially. Each participant moves from one station to the next with little or no rest or may remain at one station for two sets, performing 30 seconds of 10 to 30 repetitions at each station.

Body Contouring(WOMEN ONLY) - this class is conducted in the weight circuit room. Free weights as well as machines are used to achieve the benefit of strength training. Concentration is given to each muscle group, as well as proper body alignment. 

BARRE- this class combines ballet and Pilates and takes them to the next level by adding cardio and strength training.  It will help build long, lean muscles without the added bulk.  It is suitable for men and women of all ages.  A dance background is not required.   Students may go barefoot or can wear socks with grippers or rubber dance shoes.

TRX (Coed) - This class utilizes suspension tools to allow you to use your own bodyweight to develop strength, balance, flexibility, and code stability simultaneously. The TRX Suspension Trainer is the original workout system that leverages gravity and your bodyweight to perform hundreds of exercises. You’re in control of how much you want to challenge yourself on each exercise because you can simply adjust your body position to add or decrease resistance.

Total Body TRX (Coed) - If you want to sweat, have fun, burn calories, and increase your muscle endurance then this is your class. We combine TRX training with power moves. This mix of gravity resistance and movement provides the ultimate workout to train strength, endurance, balance, coordination, flexibility, power and core stability. Total Body TRX aims to push your limits in this high intensity.

Fitness Boxing - Improves coordination, body awareness, self-esteem, and confidence along with muscular endurance, core stability, and strength and power.


  • Services & Programs are SUBJECT TO CHANGE