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Pitching Machine Instructions

1.    Prior to using the pitching machines, inspect the power cord and all mechanical assemblies for damage.

2.    Choose the correct ball feeder for the type of ball that you are using.  The large feeder is for softballs and the smaller feeder is for baseballs.

3.    Only the balls that were specifically purchased for the pitching machine may be used in the pitching machine.  DO NOT USE BALL WITH THREADS.  They will eat the tire on the pitching machine.

4.    Do not roll the pitching machine tire on surfaces that might damage the tire.  If the tire becomes deformed, flat or damaged, do not use it.

5.    Allow pitching machine to warm-up for approximately 1 minute before using it.  After the warm-up, test the positioning of the machine by feeding balls into it without a batter.  Adjust the height and speed of the ball as needed before calling the first batter to the plate to bat.

6.    Do not put hands or fingers in the ball chute.  Hand and fingers should go only up to the edge of the chute.

7.    DO NOT throw high hopping grounders with the pitching machine.

8.    Keep hands and loose clothing away from moving tires on the pitching machine.  Severe physical harm will result if the tires catch body parts or clothing.

9.    Never let anyone except the adult supervisor come behind the safety net near the pitching machines.

10.The pitching machine should never be left unattended when it is plugged in.  Unplug the machine from the outlet when its not in use, and before putting on, taking off or adjusting parts.