Current Schedule and Class Descriptions

Note: Gymnasts are required to come to class prepared in leotards, hair tied back securely, no jewelry and ready to work and have fun!

Explore With Me — Parents and their toddlers (Crawling-5 years) enjoy an open gym style class together that will include trampoline, obstacle courses, beams, bars, and more. Pay as you go $5 per child per class. Saturdays 9am-9:45

Preschool Gymnastics — Three and four year olds learn basic gymnastics skills and the social concepts of taking turns, listening, following directions, and sharing. The objective of preschool gymnastics is to heighten body awareness promote social development, and most importantly to have fun!

Recreational Gymnastics — Students are grouped by age and ability. Gymnasts progress levels through a coach’s evaluation as key skills are learned on the vault, uneven bars, beam, and floor. A brief evaluation may also be performed at registration to assess your child’s appropriate skill level.

Mobility Requirements for Gymnastics

  • Beginners — 5-10 years old
  • Intermediate — Cartwheel, round-off, backward roll, and backbend on floor. Pullover on bars. Basic walks and jumps on beam.
  • Advanced — All Intermediate requirements, backwalkover, and spotted back-handspring on floor. Back hip circle on bars. Handstand on beam.
  • Teen/Tween - Ages 10-17 Mixed Levels

Tumbling Classes - A progression of skills, drills, and strength training helps athletes develop new tumbling and acrobatic skills. The in-ground tumble trak, foam landing pit, trampoline, and training mats allow for more repetition and minimal stress on the body which leads to a more accelerated learning pace. This class is ideal for cheerleaders and those interested in cheering.

Mobility Requirements for Tumbling

  • Beginners — 5 - 10 years old
  • Teen/Tween Beginners - 10-17 years old
  • Intermediate —Ages 5+ Round off, Cartwheel, backbend kickover, spotted back-handspring, and front limber.
  • Advanced — Ages 5+ All Intermediate requirements and round-off back-handspring.

Boys Gymnastics — Boys train on the parallel bars, vault, floor exercise, pommel horse, rings, and high bar. Gymnasts also work on developing greater flexibility and strength through weekly conditioning exercises.

Teen and Tween Gymnastics — This is a mixed class designed for girls ages 10-17 who are either former competative gymnasts or who are just getting a late start in gymnastics. This class will focus on all four Olympic events as well as flexibility and conditioning.

Teen and Tween Tumbling -  This is a beginner tumbling class for girls ages 10-17 who are getting a later start in tumbling. Focus on basic tumbling skills and strength training. This class is ideal for cheerleaders and those interested in cheering. Once skill requirements are met they can move into our Int/Adv Tumbling classes.  (see above for mobility requirements)

Pre-TeamChosen by annual tryouts in late Spring. This is a structured class used to prepare gymnasts for joining our competitive team. Elements from USA Gymnastics routines will be taught along with an introduction to strength conditioning and flexibility.

Delta Explosion Competitive Gymnastics TeamChosen by annual tryout in late Spring. Delta Explosion team members in levels 1-5 compete USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic Compulsory routines. Levels 6-10 and Xcel athletes compete routines choreographed exclusively for them by our coaching staff. The music, tumbling, and dance elements are chosen with the individual gymnast’s personality and skill strengths in mind.